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Demey Wim

Solution Architect


With more than 20 years experience in software testing, Wim has gradually evolved to a versatile generalist covering several aspects of testing. Driven by versatility and a great eagerness to learn new things he is always looking how and where he can stretch his comfort zone to deal with new challenges. Over the years, he took up different roles (e.g. test manager, implementation consultant, coach, presales) in both technical as non-technical context. It enables Wim to operate with a helicopter view as well as discussing about the details.

In the past Wim has spoken at (inter)national conferences and seminars and published articles in magazines like Testing Experience and Professional Tester.


Performance testing in an agile context, what is below the iceberg?


Most projects are struggling to define an approach when it comes to performance testing. 
However, performance matters! There are many examples of companies who have suffered from performance issues and have felt the impact on their brand, reputation and/or revenue.

Where do we stand with performance testing in agile projects? While we have embedded disciplines like development, analysis, functional testing in our agile projects, we are definitely not yet there for performance testing.

There are some obstacles below the iceberg, which block us from embracing and integrating performance testing like we should have to do. 
This presentation zooms in on three obstacles: non-functional requirements, planning and team organisation. 
For each problem, the challenges are described, and experience-based solutions are given to tackle them. 
As a result, everyone working in an agile context will have the handles to start with performance testing and avoid a Titanic scenario.

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