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Manczak Bruno

QA Manager
Netguru S.A.


Bruno is a QA Manager at Netguru. He got into QA by passion but he is a Psychologist and Cognitive Scientist by education. Currently, he leads a continuously growing team of full stack Quality Assurance Specialists at Netguru and oversees quality in a wide variety of projects: Web, Mobile, IoT, Machine Learning. He advocates for continuous delivery, continuous improvement and plans any QA activities using Thinking-Driven Testing.


The crimes against testability


Usually, it sounds like a good idea to evaluate your product before a release. If we want to release better software faster, then making testing easier and faster might sound reasonable as well. This is the essence of testability. When thinking about it you might be tempted to focus on what we call “intrinsic testability”, e.g. writing clean code or improving software logging. But is it all? Are we paying attention to the all relevant areas?

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