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Steyn Johan



Published author. Chair: Special Interest Group - Artificial Intelligence (IITPSA). Podcaster. Keynote speaker.

Johan is a business development specialist who has been selling technology products and services in South Africa and in Europe over the last 20 years. During the last decade, his focus turned to the Software Quality Assurance and Testing market. He worked in senior roles for global consulting firms like SQS and Accenture, and is currently working at one of the largest banks in South Africa.


Testers, while you were sleeping: The DevOps Tsunami


It is my experience that many software testers approach their careers as someone who sleeps well, unaware of the gathering tsunami about to hit their lives. This tsunami is DevOps, which introduced concepts like continuous Testing and is fast leading us to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Try and imagine what your testing team will look like as you embrace DevOps. Look at the faces around you and amount of people in your team. There is a good chance that most of your team (perhaps including you) are already redundant. Can you write code? Are you a technical tester? Do you know test automation and non-functional testing?

During this talk, I will take the audience on the journey from classical testing, where it took us weeks and months to continue a testing cycle, to a world where testing can be done in mere minutes using Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Testing Software


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Секционный доклад (1ч 30 мин)

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