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Mitra Tuhin

Test Engineer
Нидерланды (Голландия)


Gumption traps in a tester's life


Gumption is the psychic gasoline that keeps the whole thing going. Gumption is our initiative, our energy to move forward, and our ability to do so with commonsense and shrewdness.

A gumption trap is something which saps our energy, undermines our faith or otherwise causes you to falter in our drive towards completing a project. There are two types of gumption traps. One arises from external circumstances, he calls these “set-backs”. The other arises from internal circumstances, he calls these “hang-ups”.

Each gumption trap has its own unique request and getting our gumption back takes many shapes ranging from taking a break to studying more to seeking inspiration elsewhere (go to a concert, bake something, exercise) to doing some self-exploration and facing our demons.

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