Конференции для профессионалов индустрии информационных технологий

Manoharan Niranjani

Senior Software Engineer in Test
San Jose


Containerizing your enthusiasm


More and more organisations are demanding a move from monthly release cycles to weekly to daily but where do you start with the best practices? Join Niranjani Manoharan as she shares her experiences as a Lead Software Engineer in Test at Twitter, eBay, Pinterest and how the drive for automation with the use of containerization has helped them to reach their CI/CD goal.

In this talk, Niranjani will discuss how containers can simplify the many different flavors of mobile app builds, how to utilize parallelization to speed up build and test execution time, and how the choice of a CI system can improve the efficiency of the entire CI/CD pipeline. She’ll be citing examples from her experience in the Android world via a problem/solution based approach which will be helpful for the audience to understand and apply to other platforms.

Уровень сложности
Секционный доклад (40 мин)