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Amaral Luis

Senior Project Manager


Help Me, I got a team of junior testers!


Testing teams can be formed in many ways, we can hire people from the market or from Universities, we can get people from the company from different departments and train them, or we can have a mix of all this. Testing teams adapt as well with people moving between jobs, being them internal or external. These changes are more and more frequent and happen more and more rapidly as the testing market grows faster and faster.

We end up, many times, in situations where the team is made of junior people to the role of a tester. We will discuss some ground rules and some every day needs to ensure team performance and continuous learning and we'll look as well to some pitfalls to avoid to be successful.

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14 lessons for successful testing outsourcing (синхронный перевод)


Nearshoring, offshoring, outsourcing: these are every day words that became part of our vocabulary when we talk about workforce management, cost management or delivery.

This presentation will give you 14 lessons that you can apply from contracting a 3rd party to provide you the testing services you need until you change to a another 3rd party supplier.

Problems and solution from real life that you can use everyday!

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Building a testing team – From an empty room to a fully productive team in a short time (синхронный перевод)


We live in a fast world where companies are facing the ever-increasing complexity of today’s software products. Time to market is more and more important. We see everyday business critical projects that go from an idea to a product or system in a record time. Testing teams are part of this world, they are here to stay and they need to be a well functioning part of it.

This presentation will walk you through the steps needed to be taken to have a team ready to start testing in a very short time. We’ll start from recruiting passing by processes, tools and infrastructures, knowledge building, test case writing and preparation up to being ready to start. One last part will include what’s next during testing.

You’ll learn as well what are the key messages for each of the phases described in this real case study.

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Секционный доклад (40 мин)

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