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Lyovin Konstantin



Well, I'm definitely a fanatic of Software Testing and Quality Assurance disciplines.
I have at least 10 years of QC\QA experience, starting from a Junior QC Engineer position at Edifecs and raising to a QC Leader and QC Coordinator positions at SoftServe Inc. which suppose management of QC teams of <=10 engineers.
My Software Testing experience was grown on Windows Desktop and Enterprise Web application types and implied Manual as well as Automated testing approaches. My set of Manual testing types include a large experience in: Static Testing, Functional Testing, Usability and ADA Compliance Testing, Regression testing, Performance and Load Testing.
I have designed two Test Automation frameworks which implemented Keyword-driven approach. One was built on TestComplete technology and the second one on Microsoft Test Framework including CodedUI.
My objective is to help various Clients and Projects in gaining maximized benefit from QC\QA practices and approaches and I think my experience can seriously support me in this field.

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