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Prescott Lewis

QA Automation Lead
Cancer Research UK
United Kingdom



Automate everything apart from all the things that shouldn't be automated


Technical tester working in different Programming Languages (including .Net, Java, NodeJs) across different industries (including e-commerce, government and real estate).

Promoting Testability and reversing the test pyramid. Encouraging Contract Testing over Integration testing.

Job Title:

QA Automation Lead at Cancer Research UK.

Medium Blog


Contract Testing - The route to Continuous Deployment


Contract Testing using Pact in a world of Squads.

API documentation out of date, Production incident due to API version change, Legacy API still being used. All problems we experience in Microservice architecture.

Contract Testing offers a communication tool which can combat these problems, equivalent to TDD but with API documentation.

I will be discussing some real life examples from my current role at Cancer Research UK, the challenges we face technically in tackling cancer regarding the science and research side of the charity.

Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)


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