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Приймак Дмитрий

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Keep your nose upwind: in what directions to invest your resources today to remain an effective BA tomorrow


The world is evolving unstoppably, and the concept of professional (and not only) success is evolving with it. Each year, our customers are becoming more competent, and the developers are becoming more sociable. Sometimes it seems that the role of a Business Analyst - as an intermediary between a business and a developer - is gradually becoming obsolete. On top of that, artificial intelligence is on our heels, persistently paving its way even in those areas where Homo Sapiens used to have no natural competition...

How will the content of the Business Analysis change in the near future? What should Analysts prepare themselves for? What skills do they have to develop? What knowledge do they need to acquire? In what should analysts invest their time, strengths and money to continue to do what they love and deliver significant results for the business in 3-5 years perspective?

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)