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Кореляков Антон

UX-лид в компании Luxoft
Luxoft Training


How to design onboarding so that new users like it


The talk is intended for novice analysts and those who want to understand how UX designers think and make decisions when designing the user experience, and in this case — the first minutes of this experience. 

 The purpose of the talk is to show how to design a step-by-step scenario of involving new users in the application to help them adapt faster, get the skills necessary for the work in a playful way, and push them to the right action. 

The first minutes of user interaction with your product are especially important. After all, if the user does not understand what is in front of him, how it can improve his life, or feel difficulties — he will simply open the next site or download another application. 

The talk will also be useful for those who are engaged in enterprise solutions, as the principles described in the talk will allow you to tell internal users correctly about the new functionality or help you safely transfer users from the old system to the new one.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)