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Харичкин Никита Евгеньевич

Ведущий Системный Аналитик


Системный и бизнес-аналитик. Успешно внедрил, поддерживаю и развиваю процесс ревью в отделе аналитики.


Documentation review on a turn-key basis: from process to etiquette


Many projects have no documentation review process. Commonly, the analyst writes a requirements article, that he usually should discuss then directly with the stakeholder – QA or Development departments. But the view of QA can be not enough: both from the point of view of the resources of their team and the subject area of verification – after all, they are primarily responsible for correct test cases compilation, but not for checking the business value of the requirements. In some cases, the customer may act as a reviewer, which leads to a significant process slowdown.
The solution to such problems can be the documentation review, which is carried out by another analyst. The help of a mediator can significantly improve the quality of documentation and identify any defects missed by the authors. During the talk, we will tell about the key features of the doc review – a process that will help both the author of the talk, the QA, and the project team to avoid a range of various problems.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)