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Nassi Talia

Test Engineer
United States
Los Angeles


Talia Nassi is an international keynote speaker who gives conference talks on all things testing and quality. She is a developer advocate at Split.io where she works closely with engineering teams globally to ship software more efficiently. She is passionate about feature flagging, canary launches, CI/CD, testing in production, and A/B testing. She has spoken at countless conferences internationally including the Techwell STAR Conferences, REACT Alicante, Nordic.js, and Orodev, ranging from audiences of 100 to 2000!


Testing in Production


Testing in production is the only way to know that your software is working right now in production. It not only increases developer confidence in the code but also increases development velocity because you will spend less time fixing bugs and more time building new products. This approach provides increased accuracy of test results, faster test execution time due to elimination of bad data, and you will have higher confidence before releases because you already know that your features will work before you launch. 

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)