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Lovelock Christina

BA Manager
University of Leeds


Christina Lovelock is an experienced BA leader and has built BA teams ranging in size from 5 to 120 Business Analysts. She currently leads the BA Service at the University of Leeds. 

She is active in the BA professional community, regularly speaking at community events such as the BA Europe Conference, IIBA UK events and BA & Beyond 2019 in Brussels. 

 Christina is a BCS oral examiner for the International Diploma in Business Analysis and is also a director of the UK BA Manager Forum. She is has recently co-authored the BCS book, Delivering Business Analysis: The BA Service Handbook, which shares insights and findings from research into Business Analysis, practical guidance for BA leaders and case studies from across the professional community. 

 Christina is committed to the development of the BA profession, in particular entry routes into the profession. She has championed entry level BA roles and through the BA Manager Forum played a driving role in the creation of the UK National standard for the apprenticeship in business analysis.


Leading the Business Analysis Service


What does it mean to 'Lead a Business Analysis Service'? Who makes a good BA Leader?  

As the business analysis profession continues to grow and mature, more BA Leadership roles are becoming available and experienced business analysts need to be ready to move into them.

In this session Christina will discuss the skills needed for Business Analysis Leadership, the responsibilities of the BA Leader and the outputs BA Leaders must produce.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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