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Buczko Michal

Test Manager
Spyrosoft Solutions


Fast paced Test Consultant, working to bring Delivery, Sales and Business Representatives to a single shared dimension. Daily routine focused on helping them to have conversations in common language and better understand their roles working on building great products.
Automotive Test Manager searching for agility opportunities inside automotive SPICE product delivery and within Functional Safety ASIL D qualification restrictions.

Public speaker at Software Testing, Agile and Lean Delivery, System Engineering and Quality Assurance conferences in Europe, i.e. Baltic Counties, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ireland, Germany more to come in 2019.


6 ways how to manage the risk-taking in enhancing your talents as a Tester


Planning and Building a career in testing industry are very challenging tasks: 

  • What to learn, where build Your strengths and what should you pass? 
  • How to manage the risk-taking at each step? 
These are questions that QAs ask themselves almost at every stage of their professional life. We will build a playbook of six rules on how to prepare yourself:

  • To be ready to develop your talents. 
  • To make decisions and take the most from risk-taking that will be required from you on planning your personal development plan. 
With this mindset, you should be able to maximize your talent enhancing strategy.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

The path of Rebel Tester and how it helps Your team


We often think of rebels, who break the rules and disagree when everyone else agrees. We see them as the bad spirit inside the team, but rebels also change the world with unconventional outlooks. 

From an early age, we are taught to follow the rules, and pressure to fit raise with the size of the organisation we work in. However mindless acceptance to rules rather than questioning them make us at the end feeling stuck and unfulfilled. 

Rebels are harder to manage but are suitable for an organisation with their passion, drive, curiosity and creativity. They are perfect testers, and testers are in the best role to be the rebels in delivery. They can help the organisation to raise to a new level. 

Today's organisations learn to embrace rule-breaking personas to help them adapt and thrive. Are we ready to be the rebels in our companies, projects?

I will provide an 8 step-by-step playbook on how to be a rebel in your team and organisation. It is easy to implement and improve your work.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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