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Крицкая Алена Дмитриевна

Системный аналитик
Saint Petersburg


Changes Ninja: jump, land and master new subject areas


There is no domain that does not need business analysis. However, in a case when an analyst goes into the new domain, she/he can be stressed with lots of new facts, information and unclear ways to the requirements gathering. 

Nowadays, everything is changing very fast, and we need to accept the challenge and find ways to change the business analysis domain quickly and effectively. 

Very often the companies require domain-specific experience, and our goal is to prove that the analysts can perform the business and functional analysis for any domain, based on right set of tools and techniques. 

In the talk, we offer a checklist for the delicate domain change and discuss how it works. 

The main goal of the talk is to share and discuss the practical experience obtained in changing the subject area. The offered way is not an axiom and a panacea, but it is summarised expererience of the analysts who have already passed this way and collected advances and fails together.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)