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Life of QA in Game Industry


Nowadays, the number of game companies is increasing and this allows new people to enter the game industry. 

This talk can help those QA, who wants to switch to the game industry and, also, for those who have already begun their journey. 

From an interview to interacting with team members and building processes.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Use cases for efficient game testing


How to create adequate testing documentation for a game project with no experience in game development? How to test a broad range of probabilities that can occur during the game? How to bring together your gaming experience, the gaming experience of other teammates and ideas of game designer?

This talk is all about the benefits that use cases bring to your work if you want to bring your testing experience closer to a user. Just a few steps for better game-testing:

  1. Analysing your own gaming experience.
  2. Analysing core and meta gameplay.
  3. Drawing up a portrait of a user from the behaviour of players.
  4. Creating use cases.
  5. Application in practice.

The full report will include examples of use cases for games, but these principles can also be applied to non-gaming projects.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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