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Knyazeva Viktoriia

T-Systems RUS
Saint Petersburg


TM Forum API - not only for telecom industry


Nowadays, there are a lot of different standards successfully applied to application development. One of them is the TM Forum API standard. What is its main advantage? The main advantage is the fact that the TM Forum API standard describes the architecture and domain model, which can be applied to application development not only in the telecommunication industry but also to other sectors. As one of the main advantages of this standard can be highlighted the clear domains' scope,  set of requirements to API and description of data structure, transferred and stored within an application. 

As the main points of the talk would be considered:

  •  general domain model aggregated to classes;
  •  component domain model as a presentation of custom classes with an example of a concrete model entity;
  •  REST API requirements.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Data visualization - easy and clearly


Numerous meetings, calls, e-mails... Sometimes in the process of discussions, there is a feeling that everything has been already discussed many times, but the essence is not clear. It happens that the same description has to be redone several times, a team should be assembled and not only details but also conceptual moments should be repeated several times. Text descriptions, which are documented, can also be read in two ways and in any case, it will take a long time to understand them. In such cases, it is complicated to understand how to communicate, what can be used to properly and quickly convey the issues that are relevant now. 
In my talk, I will tell, based on my experience as an analyst, in which situations the use of visualisation was an effective way to come to a common understanding, what types of visualisation were used, and, finally, using which tools you can present information in graphical form.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)