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Педаш Виталий Иванович

Automation QA Engineer


How the Android developer mode is useful for QA?


Each QA engineer has own set of tools which use for testing Android applications. Somebody uses only Android Studio, some QAs love to use Charles but most of them don’t use the developer mode that is available in each Android device. 


During the talk, I will tell you about the following: 

  • what is developer mode;
  • how to turn on the developer mode on a device; 
  • how and when you should use features of the developer mode ; 
  • a lot of interesting stories when features of the developer mode allowed to find and localise the bugs.

My talk will be useful as for Junior as for Senior QAs. I promise!

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Perfomance testing of iOS app via Xcode


People don’t love to wait. They don’t want to think and worry about what a mobile app needs for work. People just want to book a taxi, find favourite music or sent a message. The perfect application works very fast, carefully use your battery and doesn’t post a lot of notification.

All these params are an application performance. 

During my talk, I will tell you about the following

  • what is the performance of an iOS application;

  • what params are used for measure of application performance;

  • how these params QA can be measured via Xcode.

I promise, my talk will be fascinating for all mobile QA.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)