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Столяренко Кристина Олеговна

Старший QA-инженер
ООО "Клин.ру"


Привет! Я старший QA инженер и я обожаю свою работу. 
Занимаюсь разработкой структуры проекта автотестов с нуля. Внедряю новые инструменты в команду и экспериментирую с целью достигнуть максимально продуктивной отдачи для команды и компании.


Money as a metric to bugs prioritisation


In many companies, a product manager and QA engineer look at one bug from two different points of view: one sees it in terms of business value and profit, and another one - in terms of user happiness. These discussions are unproductive and spend one of the crucial resources - the time of the team. To resolve this issue, we concluded that these two points of view could be combined. Therefore, we prioritise bugs more transparently based on their calculated value to show the business users the clearest metric.

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Regular Talk (40 min)

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