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Chernikova Kateryna Aleksandrovna

QA Guild Master


Tune your P’s - the pop art of keeping testability under control


Testability is being discussed quite broadly nowadays. It is more often mentioned as an ability to test certain feature or scope. Sometimes it is limited to the automation capabilities on a certain project.

There is a "10 P's" technique to help to optimize the development, which is used as a tool for process optimization and getting to success in general.

And this is what we gonna discuss.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Lean QA - A/B testing, monitoring, automation


This talk is on how the QA processes can be established in a distributed company consisting of ~ 20 "independent sub-companies" working in parallel and within a single product:

  • attitude to QA as common responsibility and a common goal (involved UX, BA, FE / BE devs, PV). QA engineers are usually involved in high-priority tasks, requiring a special skill set;
  • monitoring of a live production environment (its role and usage for reducing the QA cycle and impact on quality control);
  • A/B testing and experiments during the development;
  • automation as a mandatory attribute and prerequisite for feature complete;
  • flexibility, transparency, lack of "bureaucracy" at a high level - as a way of supporting productivity.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)
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