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Zaharchev Gjore

Quality Assurance Coordinator


Gjore Zaharchev is an Agile Evangelist and Heuristic Testing fighter with more than 12 years of experience in Automated and Manual Software Testing in various domains.

He recognizes testers as people with various problem-solving skills and an engineering mindset and believes that Software Testers are more than mere numbers to clients.

Currently he is working at Seavus, with an official title of a Quality Assurance Coordinator responsible for the Software Testing Team.


Reinvented Regression testing


So many teams are abandoning regression testing in the agile era since it requires too much time. Usually they use the retest all technique and their testing efforts are increased in each iteration. The biggest question is:is there a correct way? Gjore is not quite sure about that but definitely knows a more useful approach.
Reinvent testing by introducing fresh Ideas and changes so you avoid the well known "pesticide paradox". Reduce the time
used for testing and speed up the time to market.

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Regular Talk (40 min)

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