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Malyarevskaya Yulia

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Высшее образование в области проектирования информационных систем
Опыт работы бизнес-аналитиком, ведущим системным аналитиком, бизнес-архитектором, ведущим руководителем проектов.


Project manager in requirements management. How to and what for?


Everyone knows what project management is, as well as what requirements management is. However, the relationship between these two processes is not always visible. For example, the PMI PMBOK standard, which is highly appreciated among project managers, doesn’t describe the process of requirements management explicitly. As a result, most of PMs don’t pay due attention to this process leaving it to analysts. I’ll try to shorten the distance between analysts and PMs. I’ll tell you what the latter can and must deal with at every step of the requirements management process. I’ll explain why I consider this partnership necessary and important. I’ll outline advantages and disadvantages of a division of responsibility between PM and analyst. My career trajectory has led me to the position of PM through the position of analyst that’s why I’m acquainted with both professions from within. I’ll try to prove the efficiency of the proposed approach relying on my own experience.

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Regular Talk (40 min)

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