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Трегубов Илья

Head of Product


Pitching. From Hell to Heaven


Every day we reveal our thoughts, ideas, tasks to other people. IT specialists and,  in particular, business and system analysts, have to speak a lot in technical language. This language is complicated and confusing. And in the case of careless handling, it generates long boring documents that colleagues hardly understand.

The world is moving towards simplification, especially in the topic of communication. Therefore, imagine a team in which everyone reveals every thought concisely and as clear as possible.

The "Pitch. From Hell to Heaven" workshop was thought up to train this skill. We will learn to reveal our thoughts in a simple and understandable language, creating concise, understandable and robust pitch stories. A lot of practice, applause and an imaginary pitch scene await you.

Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)
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