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Гуринович Анастасия

QA Engineer


Psychology of influence for a tester: persuade, act, defend


Are you familiar with the methods of effective communication? Do you know about the techniques of influence and persuasion? How often are you able to encourage your colleagues to say “yes”: either developers, PM or other testers?  Has it ever happened that you had to step away only because you did not know how to express your ideas correctly? 
If you had any doubts when answering at least one of these questions, I invite you to learn more about the results of applying basic influence strategies and techniques of effective communication in practice. 
We will find out if they are really effective for solving daily issues and in which cases a usual jacket can help a tester, and when all you can do is pray :) 
The report will be useful to everyone who is looking for working techniques to improve communication.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Astrologers proclaim the year of gamification. Our first game for increasing of motivation for project team


How to revive a team which is starting to lose motivation? The game is the best way to shake the mind and to use hidden reserves and creative energy. Gamification is a powerful mechanism for increasing motivation. There is in the sky only talk about the gamification)

In this report I will tell how we used gamification for increasing  motivation on the project and created our first game. Exceptionally practical experience: strategy, fails, lifehacks and a bit of magic are already waiting for you!

The report will be interesting to all who care about the atmosphere in the team.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)