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Марюшко Егор Андреевич

Руководитель отдела бизнес-анализа


Бизнес-аналитик, кандидат технических наук, специализируюсь на решении нестандартных технически-сложных задач.


Road from business customer to product owner


The situation when a Business customer interacts with IT specialists with the approach: "you owe me", is a daily reality for a large number of IT projects. With this approach, during the development process is born a million additional requirements and wishes. As a result, the deadline for the project is shifted, and the customer is not satisfied with the result. One of the reason is that the customer is interested in the local result, but not the development and future of the product. The situation can be changed if the customer is involved in the development process and shared responsibility for the fate of the product.

In the talk, I will speak about the difference between a Business Customer and a Product Owner. How our company has made the transition from Business customers to product Owners, and what challenges they now face in their new role.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Business before and after analysts


Top managers of companies, who do business in the real sector of the economy, usually perceive the IT-specialists, who support an information system, as service staff. In such companies, any position, apart from programmers, is considered unnecessary. During the time top managers change their opinion about IT-specialists. They understand that they need developers, QA-engineers, system administrators and support specialists. However, the analyst position always appears at the end of the line.

In the talk, I will speak about how our top managers understood that they need analysts in the IT-department, as well as how analysts changed top managers attitude to IT-department and what tasks they solve.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)