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Maik Nogens

QA evangelist and community mover
MaibornWolff GmbH


Ethics in software testing – from theory to practice


Often presentations about Ethics in software development and testing stay on a theoretical level. If one cares about his topic and wants to become an ethical software tester or developer that’s not enough.

This workshop will enable participants to prepare themselves by bringing them into practical contact with real-life ethical problems.

The workshop will start with generic ethically questionable scenarios and get specific with software development and testing of specific examples.

There will be practical exercises for small groups, where participants will have to discuss and come to a consensus on how to deal with specific situations.

Participants are encouraged to share examples from their working experience in anonymous written form as part of the workshop. Facilitators will incorporate these examples.

The workshop will end with practical tips on how to develop ethical software as a team and how to detect and address ethically questionable situations.
Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)

Testing VR – The Testing Trinity


This talk focuses on VR and what is “new” for testers.

While software and hardware as testing areas are kind of “known”, in VR the immersion of the human in the middle is “new” and needs different testing approaches.

How the human reacts physically and physically brings new challenges.

From Motion sickness over whole immersion to the dulling of the tester .. these are new problems, where testers also become a part of the product (as do users).

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)
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