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Korem Mor

Senior QA Engineer


Mor has been testing software for the past 9 years and enjoys taking on new challenges as often as possible. Her work has been to focus on shifting testing left after agile transformation, and finding new ways of influencing when involved early.

She channels her passion by helping to organize a testing meetup group and by serving as a member of the advisory board at ITCB. When she's not doing anything testing-related or playing board games, Mor is also an amateur stand up comedian.


Testers vs. Users


What motivates us as testers?
How is it different from our motivations as users?
In this workshop, we will spot the gaps and find effective ways to introduce user's perspective into our testing habits.

Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)

How standup comedy made me a better tester


Doing standup comedy is a lot of fun, takes a lot of courage and some talent is recommended as well.

You can also learn a lot from it.

As a comedian, dealing with failure is the first challenge among many others:

  1. Following through a script, when the audience is not laughing.

  2. Improving according to live-feedback for your next set.

  3. Holding your audience engaged.

  4. Gathering live-feedback while performing on stage.

  5. Telling the same story from new angles.

  6. Building a fluent story with a meaningful message.

As I adapt and learn to handle these challenges, I find my testing improving as well.

In this talk, we will discuss:

  • Building a clear test plan that tells the business story through it.
  • How to approach performing the same tests better.
  • Gathering feedback during test execution.
  • Reflecting the testing effort in the R&D group.
  • Producing valuable lessons from completed and deployed features.
  • Holding a structured test when chaos occurs.
  • Owning a failing plan in order to evolve from it.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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