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Verify UI/UX hypothesis with Customer Journey Map tool


What issues do we always face when developing applications?
-- What does a user want?
-- How to make the solution more user-friendly and understandable?
-- How to optimise the user experience?

We receive negative feedbacks regularly from users at the output.

These situations are normal because usually development and adaptation come from hypotheses and prejudices of the team with its own experience which differs from the experience and views of users. 

For example, we developed a project in a strict deadline under the state contract. The user experience we built from our own assumptions. After a few months as the commercial operation began, we started receiving the negative feedback from end users increasingly. They complained about system complexity and obscurity. 

In the talk, I would like to speak about my experience on how I solved issues using the Customer Journey Map tool.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)