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Hendrickx Filip



After about 10 years in business consulting and a prior 10 years in software engineering and research, Filip Hendrickx founded altershape to help established organisations become corporate startups. To do this, he follows a structured yet pragmatic approach, by bridging BA with lean startup and innovation techniques.

Filip is also co-author with Ian Richards of their upcoming book on business transformation.

Finally, as joint president of the IIBA Brussels Chapter, Filip helps supporting the BA profession and growing the BA community in Belgium.

Filip’s blog at altershape.eu: http://blog.altershape.consulting/


Bring the startup spirit to your organisation with the Innovation Canvas


Innovation is hard. Ideas are cheap and plentiful, but execution often falls short, and few ideas lead to valuable results within reasonable time and budget.

In this interactive talk, we will use the innovation canvas and corresponding validation driven think — shape — try an approach to guide idea development and help bring the most valuable ideas to fruition.

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)