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Sogliani Marco

Organiser of the events


The author (77) has been working in IT since 1959, as a clerk in a Bank (4 years), as System Engineer, Manager, Director in IBM (31 years) and as SW Quality Consultant (24 years). He has been President of Italian Association for SW Quality, Vice-President of European Association for SW Quality and now member of the Board of Italian SW Testing Qualifications. He is author of several SW Quality publications.


50+ Years of Experience in Sofware Quality and Testing


The author of the talk will share with the audience some of his most significant experiences in Sofware Quality and Testing, as a Project Manager, as Leader of Development and Testing Tools specialists, as counsel and advisor to achieve ISO9001, ISO27000, ISO2000 Certifications, as Organizer of IT Quality Conferences and as member of ISTQB. 

In particular, it will be highlighted the evolution and progressive accrual of managerial and technical attention and attitude to IT process improvements (in particular - Testing).

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Regular Talk (40 min)

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