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Kornecka Aleksandra

Quality Assurance Engineer


I'm the QA and tester, happy to speak little bit Selenese and Pythonese, loving topics of security, UX and mobile.
Beyond the QA and software testing I'm keen on IA, UX, haptics, AI, AR and VR360, LA, tango dance, photography.
I'm the leader of Girls Who Test – the group of female QA specialists sharing the QA and IT knowledge with the people.
I'm also the everyday life researcher loving to organize and to attend the IT and culture events, conferences and meetups.


How I lost my head as the Head of Quality Assurance


Imagine you are the software tester who just does his job well. He is creative, have some significant social skills. One day he sees "Head of QA" by his surname in one of the company documents. 

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Cognitive approach to mobile testing


Despite the fact that the Artificial Intelligence is coming, there are still typically human behaviors to be covered when testing the mobile-dedicated software. In fact, human mobile behaviors same as the way we are using smartphones is very non-deterministic and challenging to follow for any machine. 

As the testers, we should keep an eye on specific, but possible interactions that our human users can perform on mobile apps and in mobile web pages. 

The cognitive approach I present puts the focus on the fact the users are humans - with their perceptual limitations, memory capacity, attention gaps and other "features and bugs". When testing, we should take into account specific scenarios like using an app when walking, writing message or tapping when driving, losing the smartphone in the coat's pocket and so on. 

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

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