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Горячикова Елена Ефимовна

Senior Business Analyst
Saint Petersburg


Business analyst, Sales and Marketing Professional with 15+ years experience in the E-Commerce (mobile sites and applications as well). Consistent track record of delivering of business results.
My aim is to always continue educating myself, gaining knowledge, and bringing everything I learn to help both colleagues and clients.


Ecommerce conversion improving


It is considered and evaluated different methods for improving the conversion of standard ecommerce project, such as: Messaging, Site Performance, Website navigation, Product page optimization, Checkout process, abandon carts management and so on.

In order to provide the all-around view we will discuss such important things as: Customer lifecycle stages, User group segmentation, Conversion, Retention, Loyalty, Contact points, gathering the online statistics, searching for gaps and the springboards. 

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)