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Семенов Константин Сергеевич

Ведущий бизнес-аналитик
Saint Petersburg


В IT с 2006 года. С 2011 года работаю аналитиком. 

В этой роли принимал участие в создании как продуктов для отечественных и иностранных банков, так и big data и наукоёмких решений для международных Life Science компаний. 

Преподаватель в школе аналитиков EPAM в Санкт-Петербурге.


Analysts horde. How to capture stakeholder's "Kozelsk" without casualties


Sometimes, there is only one analyst on the project. Sometimes a couple.

But what if we have ten of them, working for the same project?

Usual approaches for stakeholders and requirements management are not effective anymore. Best case scenario, they would be far less useful, but in reality, they can be even harmful to your project.

In my talk, we will review the work approach of such teams, processes that can reduce the chaos and establish collaboration with the development and other team members.

Also we will discuss the real-life issues that can arise inside such teams, for example:

  • new analyst onboarding;
  • knowledge transfer and management;
  • stakeholder as a bottleneck;
  • crossing the boundaries of the work of different analysts.

And we'll try to resolve them.


Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)