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Egorova Kristina

OOO "Deutsche Bank TechCentre"


Don't fear. How to learn from your mistakes?


As part of the IT community, analysts are working hard to keep pace with the fast-changing IT industry. We always strive for excellence via getting professional certificates, attending conferences, employing new techniques and tools, seeking feedback from stakeholders, and just learning from our teammates.

Having new knowledge, we apply it immediately to our daily work. We assess and improve the agreed solution, review and revise the requirements, and learn our lessons from any (even bad) project we took part in.

However, despite being in the environment, when we are constantly getting feedback and improving upon it, we often fail to learn from our mistakes. Mistakes, especially those ones that led to issues in production, are often seen as failures, and hence are often buried under a pile of new more important tasks. Time flies, and we face the same mistake again…

Why does it happen, how to avoid it, or in other projects - How can we learn from our own mistakes?
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)



IT-enabled services are challenged continuously in our fast-changing digital world. Cutting-edge systems must be accessible 24x7, seamlessly integrated and have the best UX. Software development itself has gone through an evolution from Waterfall to Scaled Agile.

What about analysis, analysts and management of analyst team?

In our talk, we will discuss management, leadership and partnership topics in the context of a complex project, which is being delivered via a Scaled Agile approach.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)