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Николаева Ольга Викторовна



11 лет занимаюсь продуктами Atlassian и методологией.
Эксперт, AUG Leader, Community champion


 How to organise work-logs in your team


If you are trying to manage of efficiency, then you want to know: 

  • what was done; 
  • what was planned for this time; 
  • why the planned did not happen. 

I want to tell you how to implement a time list in teams, what you can use, how to make the data "clean" and what you will need from the tools.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

Экономика команд, как аргументировать автоматизацию


How to find out where can we take arguments to explain automation our processes? Do you know that in addition to your criteria for the successfull work there are also criteria for its effectiveness? I would like to tell you how, without changing the process, collect data for a reasoned change of the work processes. We will talk about time, piese of manager's experience and life stories from my practice.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)