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Казакова Наталья

Ведущий специалист по тестированию
ООО "Суперджоб"


В тестировании с 2007 года
Два года работы аналитиком и ПМ
Ведущий тестировщик в компании SuperJob


Scandal, intrigue, testing


I had the opportunity to work for a company Superjob twice. And during that time I caught three stage development process. Completely different from each other. While I was writing this report, managed to feel like a chronicler, a detective and a participant in the crimes. I suggest you walk this path with me and find out:

- How varied the goals and values of development in a company that grew from 30 people to 250 over 7 years.

- What methodologies were introduced that became a defeat or victory? Consider specific examples of the processes of development and testing.

- The role of the tester in the process as adapted and learned to take responsibility.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

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