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Goldshmidt Igor

Head of QA
Sweet Inn
Tel Aviv


В 2013 году начал свой путь в тестированию с веб приложений.
Затем вел бои за качество десктопных и браузерных расширений в компании AVG.
На сегодняшний день занимаюсь тестированием и повышением качества мобильных приложений в компании Gett (Gettaxi).
Являюсь активный участник Израильского сообщества тестировщиков.
Мой слоган в работе: be professional in your passion


Agile: Quality Clean-Up in Development


Did you find yourself in a new company that switched to Agile? Or did your place of work decide to take up “agile development” and now you are part of the Scrum Team? And now you are the main on testing in the team, as the only tester. And most importantly, after implementing Agile, you test even more, but still, the quality of the product is not very good? And the manager, thinks to bring another tester to help you? But the quality of the issued product is still "not very good." What to do? Test even more and faster? But how? You are one, and there are many of them (developers). The short answer is to forget about testing and really tackle quality. How? I will talk about this in my talk.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Software QA Engineer Dreams. Automate everything!


With the existing dynamics in the "Agile" teams, the QA engineer faces many challenges. Most of which he would like to solve using automation tools. Fast feedback on the local version, effective setup of the test environment is only the beginning of the possible use of automation in testing and QA processes. QA engineers have long been dreaming of more! About what? I will tell you about this in my report.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Mission Impossible: QA Estimation Failed


Let's discuss the whole truth about Estimation (calculation of time) for the QA process in Agile. Here is how you can calculate how much time will be spent for analysis and testing (planning, writing, executing) when the business requirement may change or the technical solution is not yet fully thought out or something that will go wrong. Agile assumes be ready for the flexibility to change, how can you calculate the time for it for earlier? The team of the hero of my report also encountered this complex reality, but any impossible missions can be possible. How? I will tell you about it in my talk.

Audience level
Workshop (40 min)

The true power of the tester is information

One of the primary goals of a QA engineer is to collect as much information as possible about the state of the product and the process of its development. 
Owning this information gives incredible power to the tester. How will it get and master this power, I will tell in my report.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Big feature - small sprint


During last two years I've been working in Agile teams and quite often have come across the situation when the feature is pretty big, but they still want to release it at the end of the sprint. That is in spite of the fact, that there is a great risk of violation of the timing and poor product quality.

So what should we, quality guards, do when eventually everything depends on us?

My report presents the analysis of the development stages from the testing point of view in such a difficult situation and provides tips for success.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)