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Чернышева Анна Юрьевна

Старший разработчик автотестов


Являюсь ярым сторонником BDD.
Начала свое знакомство с автоматизацией тестирования в компании Epam Systems. За время работы успела поработать со многими инструментами автоматизации, принять участие в разработке тестовых фреймворков для крупных e-commerce проектов.
Сейчас занимаюсь развитием нескольких BDD фреймверков, участвую во внедрении инженерных и DevOps практик в Альфа лаборатории.


BDD girls Battle: Cucumber VS. JBehave


In this talk, two cute Java-developers will compete against each other. We will show which of two instruments Cucumber or JBehave has more restrictions. We will choose the worst tool. For what? 

Many of us have faced to difficult choice of BDD framework. Which library has more features? Which complications they have? 

You can learn about frameworks capabilities from documentation; or talks in which people praise tools they chose. But to discover issues and bugs you have to dive through StackOverflow or trial libraries. This talk will help you to avoid fatal errors of choosing wrong tool to implement autotests framework.

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Regular Talk (40 min)

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