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Брызгалова Наталья



Я по образованию лингвист, большая часть моего рабочего опыта связана с компьютерной лингвистикой и системами автоматической обработки информации. В проектах разработки я в разное время выполняла роль и бизнес-аналитика, и менеджера проекта.
Сейчас работаю аналитиком в компании InfoWatch, которая создаёт продукты в сфере информационной безопасности.


How to transform a big software development team using Agile principles and how an analyst can help


Specifics of our business has defined the process of new product versions development – we practice the waterfall development methodology.

Here are some disadvantages of it: it takes a long time from planning to delivery of features; there is no possibility to change requirements during the development process, even if there is a need for this; each team member performs strictly his own task and is not involved in the overall process of product creation.

To solve these problems we decided to add some agile practices to our waterfall. I’ll talk about our experience and the role of the analyst in this process.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)