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Грановская Юлиана

System Analyst
Kaspersky Lab


В IT-разработке с 2005 года.
Работала инженером поддержки, инженером внедрения, менеджером продукта.
Системный аналитик с 2011 года.
Участвовала в проектах разработки систем интерактивного телевидения, веб-порталов для услуг государственных учреждений, порталов SaaS.
С 2016 года системный аналитик в Kaspersky Lab в проектах облачной инфраструктуры


Requirements versioning. Popular software developers techniques for analyst needs


One way or another any large project has to work with several versions of the same objects:

1. Several people are working on the same specification/code/mockup.

2. The same objects are being simultaneously changed for different purposes:   

  • bug fixes and functional development;   
  • concurrent development of baseline and specific versions 

3. The need for change requests elaboration without guarantee of inclusion the result into the final version.

There are plenty of complete solutions for code development in contrast with requirements engineering. In this area each team finds its own path. And frequently analysts have to control requirements changes, traces and full system specification manually 

In our talk, we want to discuss the possibility of applying the standard code development practices to requirements management, and in addition to share our implementation experience.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)