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Свешникова Наталья Владимировна

Старший системный аналитик
АО Лаборатория Касперского


Занимаюсь системным анализом около 10 лет. За это время удалось поработать с business intelligence, в проектах по внедрению и кастомизации решений, в заказной и продуктовой разработке.


Senior BA: The end or a new beginning?


The role of the analyst and maturity levels are the main topics of discussion within the community for a long time. We all adhere to the 5-level graduation but what's behind it? 

At the centre of the discussion is always a Senior BA title. Those BAs who have just started their career are looking forward to achieving it. Those who have already achieved may get lost and frustrated.  

Who is a Senior BA? How to define your own gaps and build the right development plan? How to track your success on the road to seniority? Let's find the answers together with mature people in business analysis IIBA chapter representatives inclusive.

Audience level
Round Table

Business requirements for agile development process


It is a story of an intensively growing product that used to have an iteration backlog with detailed stories. Due to the growth of complexity, it appeared to be important for the team to have short artefacts those describe the main aspects of changes.

I’ll describe how we decompose and maintain requirements on two levels of abstraction and what problems does it helps to solve.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

How to deliver requirements just enough just in time


Consider your scope is much bigger than your team capacity; it is changed regularly and can’t be frozen. Moreover, business requirements have equal priorities. Is it possible to make the problem even worse just by choosing the way we analyze the requirements? What can business  analyst do to simplify the problem according to team capacity and business needs?

I will describe how we discover priorities and decompose requirements while scope management. I will focus on how to avoid the hamster wheel of continuous actualization of growing analyst artefacts and how not to get lost in the changing net of changing requirements interdependencies.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)