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Лукашев Александр Михайлович

Руководитель направления
ООО «Т-Системс РУС»
Saint Petersburg


T-Systems RUS, St. Petersburg
Head of department, Department Functional Integration Test, 110 empl. (Jan 2016 till now)
Senior project manager, SAP implementation project (Jul 2014-Dec 2015)
Business development project director (Dec 2011 – Jun 2014)
CEO and co-founder, internet startup (Jan 2012-Apr 2013)
Senior business development project manager (Apr 2011- Dec 2011)
Project Office Manager (Jan 2009 – Apr 2011)
Global product support manager, Department: R&D / NGN Mobile Solutions

St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, Saint Petersburg, Business administration, graduated with honors (2007-2009)

Fachhochschule der Deutschen Telekom Leipzig, Germany Telecommunication systems (2003-2005)

St. Petersburg Bonch-Bruevich State University of Telecommunications, Telecom networks, switching systems and computer engineering, graduated with honors (2000-2005)


Economics of software testing, v.2.0


The continuation of Alexander Alexandrov's talk "Economics of software testing, v.2.0" where we will extend the field for discussions and discuss the issues of the economics of testing with the audience.

The main points of the talk: 

  • Exhaustive testing is not possible. 
  • Testing is as well an economic activity. 
  • Version 1.0, or What need to do. We work within a plan and evaluation, when a lack of resources, we ask to add them (extensive approach).
  • Version 2.0, or How need to do. We work within a plan and assessment as efficiently as possible (intensive approach).

The round table will be devoted to the discussion on how to proceed to version 2.0, analysing the following tasks and using reasonable labour costs efficiently, analysing: 

  • What the test cases we need (do we really need them?). 
  • What the test data we need.
  • What testers we need - a few strong ones (but expensive) or many of weak (but inexpensive). 
  • What kind of automation we need (do we need it at all), what tools, coverage.
Audience level
Round Table

TEST-manager or test-MANAGER - solving incoming tasks

На этом круглом столе, как и на предыдущем, предлагается обсудить озвученную проблему и всколыхнуть аудиторию, получить ответы / соображения / высказывания / мнения по ситуациям/проблемам, которые мы предлагаем для обсуждения:

- Выполнять тестирование проекта с учетом специфики доменной области

- Обучить команду навыкам поиска, занесения и управления дефектами (defect management process)

- Обучить команду тест-дизайну

- Разработать тестовую стратегию основного продукта и независимых стримов продукта

- Провести оценку трудозатрат на тестирование

- Построить план-график работ по тестированию, распределять обязанности (включая бекапирование ключевых ресурсов)

- Мониторить выполнение работ по тестированию

- Готовить отчеты по активностям тестирования и качеству продукта 

- Нанимать и обучать тестировщиков (в том числе и при дефиците ресурсов)

- Разрешать сложные ситуации(некачественный тест-дизайн, отклоненные дефекты, конфликты с другими экспертизами)

Audience level
Round Table

Round table discussion: TEST-manager or test-MANAGER?


There were many replies from listeners during the talk of Aleksandr Aleksandrov "Current State vs. Common sence" on SQA Days-20 in Minsk, like "Everything you talk is test manager's business", and there were a long after-speech discussion in lobby.

We have found out, that role of test managers is understood differently by all listeners.

During this round table, we are going to discuss mentioned problem and arise auditory, to get answers / thoughts / ideas / opinions for topics we propose to discuss.

- Could you learn to become test manager (and testing)?
- What would (and wouldn't) test manager do on the project?

- Can we work without test manager (and test management)?

- What would you do if project manager rules everything, and testers are not always agree with him?

- Does manager ought to "move away" from testing, and if ought to, how to understand, how much?

- Does manager ought to be "a barrier" for direct communication between testers and "outside world, and how much?

Audience level
Round Table