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Kudinov Ilya Maksimovich

Lead QA engineer
United Kingdom


8 years in QA.

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Developing new testing tools you never knew you needed


At Badoo, we test at least 100 server tasks per week and numerous client versions. We are always trying to keep quality and speed to the highest level – and to do so we try to use all the tools that we have.

The problem is that you don’t always know that there’s a tool for something you‘re struggling to accomplish manually. That’s why, as a QA engineer, you attend various meetups and conferences, read technical magazines and Internet portals – so you’ll know about any new tool you might be able to use to make your work better.

But there is another solution. If there is no tool for what you’re trying to do, why not try and make it by yourself? It might be highly specialized and not suit anybody else, but it will be good for you, and if it’s useful to your colleagues – or even the whole industry – that only makes it better.

And then there’s a bonus scenario: sometimes you don’t even know that you need a tool in the first place. And then when it shows up, it’s just… Wow.

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