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Новик Николай

EPAM Systems
Saint Petersburg


Более 10 лет опыта работы в качестве бизнес-аналитика и product owner на проектах для заказчиков из России, Европы и Азии. Более 3 лет опыта работы в роли менеджера по управлению изменениями и тренера. Занимался разработкой концепции и внедрением функции бизнес-анализа в организациях, формировал программы обучения и проводил внутренние учебные курсы, разрабатывал регламентирующие документы в части функции бизнес-анализа. Основная специализация - разработка банковского программного обеспечения, включая системы управления отношениями с клиентами, управления рисками, управления залогами, управления кредитным портфелем, дистанционного банковского обслуживания и другие системы фронт- и бэк-офиса.


Senior BA: The end or a new beginning?


The role of the analyst and maturity levels are the main topics of discussion within the community for a long time. We all adhere to the 5-level graduation but what's behind it? 

At the centre of the discussion is always a Senior BA title. Those BAs who have just started their career are looking forward to achieving it. Those who have already achieved may get lost and frustrated.  

Who is a Senior BA? How to define your own gaps and build the right development plan? How to track your success on the road to seniority? Let's find the answers together with mature people in business analysis IIBA chapter representatives inclusive.

Audience level
Round Table

Business architect as a career path for Business analyst


When you have been working for Х years as an analyst in IT-delivery, one day the following question arises – “In what direction to grow and develop?”

In most cases, the main career path is a transition to managerial positions - BA team lead, resource manager, BA practice leader, in some cases - account or business relationship manager.

And what about those who want to grow further as a specialist solving more complex problems the business faces?

For such analysts, quality growth to a business architect can be an option.

I'll tell what the business architecture is and who the business architects are, what skills and qualities they should have, where business analysts and business architects are similar and where they differ. I'll also provide some examples of business architecture tasks from my practice.

This talk will be useful for senior and middle analysts who are thinking about a further career, as well as for any other specialists to learn more about the business analysis domain.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Developing business analysis in Russia. Problems and prospectives


The presentation will provide an overview of developing business-analysis in Russia. It will describe current situation with business analysis and available attitude to it, list most common issues and problems, which are faced when implementing business analysis function within an enterprise, and provide possible solutions and directions for further development.

Main distinctive feature of the presentation is that it is not a theoretical research, but is based on practical experience in implementing business analysis function in such companies as RaiffeisenBank, Sberbank Technologies, Gazprom neft.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)