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Григорьев Александр Евгеньевич

Главный инженер-тестировщик


Работаю в тестировании более 7 лет. Занимаюсь функциональным, нагрузочным, интеграционным тестированием, создаю автотесты. Так же тестирую новые технологии, которые внедряются в компании. Отвечаю за качество функционирования системы предотвращения мошенничества.


Testing during rush job. Danger foreseen is half avoided: five ways how to do it


I have been working as a Senior Test Engineer in a large IT company for 4 years and have been participating in the different professional conferences actively. During this time I've heard thousands of stories from the QA-engineers about the tasks that need to be realized "still yesterday." The final of these stories can be different: the quality of code become worse because of rush, the time of the project realization prolongs, relations with customers deteriorate and testers accumulate professional stress.

What need a tester to do to be prepared to sudden problems at any given time?

In my report I would like to tell you how can classify urgent tasks. Also I will share techniques that help me and my colleagues to accelerate the testing process improving the quality of the produced functional.

Welcome it will be very useful for you.

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Lightning Talk (20 min)