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Nurmagambetova Maussymzhan

Начальник управления аналитики
ТОО "AituDala"


В ИТ с 2006 года.
Опыт: тестировщик (автоматизированное и ручное тестирование), аналитик, менеджер проектов, консалтинг, управление командой, управление отделом, директор по аналитике и маркетингу, в настоящее время - начальник управления.


Samurai's way according to Sun Tzu


How to pass on "the way of the Samurai" from apprenticeship to survival in the concrete jungle of the State order. Using the metaphor of martial arts.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Creating a personal account in the "e-government" for citizens and legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Within the framework of "electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was created a private citizen space (Personal account), which allowed citizens to see information that is contained in the government systems and organize interaction of the citizen and the state on the principles of "single point".

The report contains a description of the project from idea to its actual implementation and analysis of problems arising from the realization of the project, in terms of identifying needs and setting goals for development.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)