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Посвистелик Ольга

Business Analyst


Инженер по образованию, занимаюсь бизнес-анализом с 2014 года. Проработала 2 года в компании Itransition, сейчас являюсь сотрудником компании Exadel.

За всё это время принимала участие в более чем десяти проектах с разной степенью вовлеченности. Имею опыт работы с моделью разработки Waterfall, на текущий момент активно практикую Scrum.

В настоящее время работаю в домене финансов и налогообложения США.


Analyst with the impostor syndrome: don't let stop yourself!


Do you think, that you don’t do anything special in a professional way? Do you take your success for granted?

It’s a slippery way named an impostor syndrome.

This speech will not contain quotes from Wikipedia or psychology articles. Based on own experience and experience of colleagues, I’m going to discuss impostor syndrome, the reasons of appearance and methods of the struggle.

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)

How to survive if you are a junior business analyst?


It's hard to avoid mistakes and stress situations at the first place of work if you're a junior business analyst. Except patience, resoluteness and concentration skills it's useful to know some specific work aspects. They aren't connected with academic knowledge about business analysis, but they might be useful if you meet difficult situations. I propose to talk about the most common situations, which I had in my practice so that, I hope, will help junior business analyst survive in hard conditions of IT world.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)