Conferences for professionals in the information technology industry

Medinsky Yuriy

Chief Business Analyst
EPAM Systems, Inc
Saint Petersburg


Образование: К.т.н., Системы управления и информатика в ТС
Возраст: 37 лет
- 10+ лет в IT
- 10+ лет в роли BA
- 5+ лет в банковской сфере и IT безопасности
- 5 лет в страховом бизнесе
- 5 лет в продуктовой компании
- 7 лет с иностранными заказчиками


Unsolved Problems in Business Analysis


This talk is a discussion on methods and approaches to defining the quality of business analysis (performance, efficiency, transparency etc.)

The approach to be discussed is intended to help to:

- assess content quality (knowledge, courses, articles, working standards etc.);

- estimate the complexity of the problem itself and its solution;

- review several topics poorly covered by working standards (BABOK, PMI-BA etc.);

- reveal GAPs in professional content on a daily basis.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

BA as a Digital Orchestrator


This talk covers the ways to create a bridge between personal career path and the aggressive goals of a global IT company. The author suggests a target skillset based on good statistics. The pros and cons of classic BA body shop skillset, it's gaps are also offered for discussion, which is recognised to be useful for BAs from product and service IT companies

Despite talk focus, the author believes in the importance of career strategy for each community member.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Processes Improvement for IT company

The talk is about a real PDLC improvement case in product development. We will discuss a dynamic international IT business from new product perspective. A speaker is responsible for PDLC providing transparency and control on improvement process. Problems and issues faced on that activity will be considered in order to help other BAs working in the same circumstances. An approach is based on ProdBOK and BABOK v3.
  1. Marketing and product strategy
  2. Release and scope management
  3. Product development life cycle
  4. Roles and responsibilities
  5. Transparency and control
  6. Q&A
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Expensive mistakes. A sequel


This talk is a next step forward after 2017, April's talk in dealing with expensive BA mistakes. Several new project patterns will be considered to see the situation from different angles and to learn how to control your fate. I did my best to provide an instruction which audience can use to increase the efficiency of BA work. Here is a content list of the talk:

  1. What does expensive mistake mean
  2. When the coast of mistake becomes significant
  3. Suggested way to systematize mistakes 
  4. Patterns in mistake identification
  5. Hints and tips
  6. Conclusions
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Expensive Mistakes or How to Control Your Own Fate


The talk describes an experience in identifying and resolving issues related to expensive mistakes in business analysis. The subject is of great importance for junior analysts who are mostly uneasy about their future carrier and, at the same time, should be taken by skilled colleagues as an example to follow. Among other key results of the talk, the audience will obtain methods to identify and resolve such issues and a list of proactive actions to avoid them.

Actually, the talk will be a walk-through of the solution that won’t leave you standing in the rain with no roof over your head, wondering just what happened. The most valuable outcomes of the talk are practical results given and explained from various points of view.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)