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Denoo Olivier

ps_testware SAS


Who's afraid of the big bad AI?


Our tester job needs to adapt to modern society and to the progress in technology. We more and more see the emergence of AI in the testing business and testers start to worry about their job. Will AI steal it? Are we (testers) already has-been now that we see AI emerging in tools, and everyday life technologies? 

My presentation will desecrate the AI and put it in the right context. It will also explain, with many examples, why AI is not yet ready to replace testers (and will probably never be). It will also put the focus of major human qualities and skills and why they are essential to testing software.

I will also focus on why releasing AI with no proper guidelines and safety nets might be dangerous and why a human point of view is essential...A tester's journey between 1984, Brave New World in our present time.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Mission possible


Mission possible is a double talk about workshop tools and techniques that can be used to better approach teams and organisation changes, they are focused on how to tell difficult things, identify the grey zones, build team spirit and align teams on common objectives, get to know each other’s better, create team identity…

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)

The strange incident of the trolley and other AI tales


This presentation is a reflection on AI and what it means to people. Starting from the now “classic” trolley problem, I will follow with real-life examples and look at the situation from a moral, responsibility/liability and a strategic angle. It will be continued with other examples of modern AI and what their consequences can be for testing and testers in general.

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)

Whatever users want


In this talk, I’ll go through major trends and guidelines of our software applications and how they relate to users.
I will also discuss traps and pitfalls in modern software testing, explore some consequences of new business concepts, etc.
I will end with a reflection on modern societies paradoxes and how they relate to the future of our profession.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)

Why we should care about leftovers


My talk will focus on what I call the leftovers of testing -a.k.a. all those non functional test we tend to "forget" because they do not fit in the project / planning / budget.
I'll show the audience how those forgoten test will become progressively of utmost importance because our way of consuming software is dramatically evolving towards a mass-consumer market with different rules and practices.
Be prepared to IT not anymore for ITers! Be prepared to perform, like, share and interact in totally different manners.

(the intention is to go from ISO9126 / ISO25000 serie and select quality attributes of interest put in an evolutionary perspective of the IT / consumer market - I'll also show how the new ISTQB scheme already partly addresses or anticipates some of those "leftovers")
Tune will be "light", non technical and with a twist of humor.

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)

Pyscholgy and testing


Testing software in a more mature and structured way is synonym to bringing (big) changes in an organization. It is introducing new (disturbing) processes, new (intrusive) reporting, new (annoying) gates, new (unknown) roles and responsibilities…
All of those irremediably change the way of working, disrupting existing (bad?) long running habits.
As a consequence, people reject it in various sorts of ways adopting strategies and games to keep "normality" at run. Testers also have their own games and weapons to convince organizations to increase their quality and maturity for their own good.
My talk, based upon psychology reasearches and reference schools, is illustrated by many examples taken straight from the trenches, with the necessary spoonful of humor that make the medicine go down.
It will show, dissect and decrypt many games and mechanisms that we face nearly every day, in both our professional and personal life, usually unnoticed. So lay down the couch and take the journey with me…

Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)

To requirements and beyond...


My talk will show, with practical examples and a twist of humour how good requirements can be used to pilot an IT project with a special focus on quality and testing.

I will introduce the notion of Test Requirements Hierarchy and the connections with priorities, test campaigns, effort estimation follow-up and metrics.

The presentation will also be focused on the necessary interaction (role) of Analysts with regards to the overall Quality and how they can help testers (and ultimately themselves) in getting the right project in the end of the journey.

It is not about Tools or methodologies, it is an effective and efficient way to structure and pilot IT projects which has been sucessfully used in numerous contexts. It can be used and applied by everyone and it is fully OpenKnowledge (free of charge, non proprietary)

Audience level
Regular Talk (1 h 30 min)