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Pshenichnikova-Alexes Yuliya

Lead Business Analyst/Product Owner
United Kingdom


Hello! My name is Julia and I've been working as Business Analyst for more than 7 years. Currently my occupation is Lead Business Analyst/Product Owner in EPAM Systems UK, London.
I'm trying to get into self-development and grasp as much as I can. Sometimes when you come to a point that you've got enough knowledge to share with the others you are thinking of kind of speech on conferences.
I'm loving to share knowledge with less experienced colleagues and literally focusing on business values and business relationships.
Analysts can make this IT world better and I want be the one to get into this transformation experience.


Interview? If you're a good interviewer...


Working in business analysis sometimes we are coming to a point when we need to be people who interview and decide to proceed with a candidate or continue searching for the right person. For some people it looks scary to make decisions, for other ones, it's just a wasting of time. But there's always a group that sees the opportunity to meet new people, build new relationships and to find what another BAs think and do. And I reckon this is the big chance to develop the competency to be a good interviewer and hire worthy candidates.

It's more than a year when I'm interviewing BAs to the variety of projects. I've seen many exciting cases and even more interesting and surprisingly unexpected people. I really want every company to have people who understand what candidates they expect to see as their colleagues and who know how to detect "right people" along the applied candidates. 

I want to share how I do that and what helps me to find right BAs with whom it is pleasant to work then. 

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)